Film lovers by day, film makers by night... It might actually be the other way around.


We are ELIXIR PICTURES, an independent London-based production company that
celebrates culture on a global scale.  For over eleven years we have been at the
forefront of the UK grime and hip-hop scene; creating evocative and
impactful content which speaks to people from all walks of life. 

We are the creators of a new, vibrant narrative and our mission is simple: we want to
bring you into the conversation. 

We want to cultivate cultural discussions because we understand them. For us,
collaboration is key, which is why we believe in creating an authentic dialogue
between brands and contemporary culture. Working closely with influential artists,
musicians, directors and producers to develop dynamic and defining content, our
community is ever-growing. We are instigators. We are innovators. And,
ultimately, we are connectors. 

So, let's connect. 

Welcome to Elixir.


Dedicated to maintaining the highest level of production, we provide knowledge,
access and expertise. 

Specialising in promotional, factual and dramatic content, our projects are enduring
and uniquely identifiable. With unparalleled access to a global network of talent, we
offer an array of bespoke services, from full production packages to consulting on
projects and campaigns. We have the resources, the ideas, and the people to deliver
your vision. 

Our team is comprised of first-class creatives, strategists, producers,
directors, photographers, and editors, all pushing the boundaries of their fields.


At Elixir Pictures, we understand the times and can foresee what is coming
next. We are defining popular culture. And we're having a lot of fun doing it. Come
and join in. Say hello.